Masjid Hasanah Fundraising

Masjid Hasanah Fundraising

Masjid Hasanah has stood as a dedicated sanctuary for the residents of Teban and Pandan Gardens since 1971.  The masjid has not undergone any major upgrading since it was built 53 years ago.

Let’s donate to help upgrade the facilities at the masjid for the comfort of our jemaah. For Masjid Hasanah, these include:

Increased prayer space

New Mimbar for Friday sermon

Upgraded lighting, fans, and air conditioning

Installation of new audio-visual equipment

Equipping classrooms with technology

Building an elevator for elderly jemaah

Adding toilet and ablution facilities

Changing carpets, installing fans and air conditioners

Improving its visual audio system equipment

Equipping classrooms with technology

How to Donate

Thank you for your generosity and noble intention to donate.

We accept donations from credit and debit cards (Visa or Mastercard), eNETS, PayNow as well as through GIRO. We seek your generosity to contribute on a weekly recurring basis through credit/debit card or GIRO to help support the masjid in a more sustainable and long term way.

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